Paint Failure Analysis
Testing of Paints and Coatings - Field and Laboratory
Paint Specification Writing and Quality Assurance Field Inspections
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Paint Failure Analysis

We can analyze paints and coatings problems to determine:

  • The cause of the failure
  • Who is responsible
  • Recommend remedial action

    This analysis can be accomplished by our firm being employed to extract field samples or the client extracting samples and sending them to us for testing and evaluation.

Testing of Paints and Coatings - Field and Laboratory

A wide variety of tests can be performed on various coatings. Listed below are just a few individual tests that we can perform:

  • Paint thickness measurements - To determine if the specified mils of paint were applied.
  • Lead based paint detection - To determine if lead based paint is present. If so, additional precautions must be undertaken prior to proceeding.
  • Color stability - To determine if the paint color is stable or is prone to fading.
  • Pencil hardness - To determine if the coating has cured to the proper hardness.
  • Scrub test - To determine if the coating is scrub resistant.
  • pH tests - To determine if the alkalinity and/or acidity of the cementitious substrate is in the proper range for painting.
  • Saponification resistance tests - To determine if the coating will re-emulsify and become degraded under conditions of high moisture and alkalinity.
  • Adhesion tests - To determine if the coating is sufficiently adhered to its substrate.
  • Rilem tube testing - To determine if water is entering through cracks or voids in the substrate.

Paint Specification Writing and Quality Assurance Field Inspections

  • Architects and design/build firms often employ Coatings Consultants to write paint specifications for an individual project. This enables them to better evaluate bids for this phase of the construction because our specifications are specific to the project and are therefore not easily misconstrued.
  • Management companies, condominium associations, multi-unit complexes, commercial building owners and home owners employ Coatings Consultants to write repaint specifications specific for their individual property. Many paint manufacturers are willing to do this as a courtesy in return for purchasing their products. However, the specifications they provide aren't always specific to your building. Sometimes there is a biased interest to sell their more expensive products. Usually paint manufacturer's specifications do not take into consideration the most important portion of a repaint job - proper preparation of the existing substrate prior to the application of new coatings.
  • Coatings Consultants offers inspection services during the progress of the painting to give a measure of assurance that the specified materials are on the job site and that proper surface preparation and application methods are being employed.

Paint Related Seminars

  • Blueprint Reading, Painting Estimating & Business Management Skills Go to Seminar Page for more information.
  • Private instruction for blueprint reading and business management is available.
  • Avoiding Coating Failures.
  • Industrial Paint Estimating.
  • Understanding Construction Drawings and Production Rates for Field Personnel.
  • Coatings Consultants can schedule smaller, more intensive classes at your location or in the South Florida area. Personal classes are also available.

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