Painting Estimating Pro

This computer software package includes spreadsheet programs for estimating the cost of painting and decorating jobs and for keeping track of job costs. these programs provide mathematical tools to make the computations easy to perform. The spreadsheets are offered in Microsoft Excel format.

To use these files you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer and a working knowledge of this program.

Painting Estimating Pro -

Painting Estimating Pro is fashioned after the Blueprint Reading and Painting Estimating classes that our firm teaches to painting contractors across the country. Mr. Cusumano also authored the Painting Contractors of America (PCA) Cost & Estimating Volume 1 Practices and Procedures which advocates the use of those spreadsheet programs.

Produce Accurate Bids -

The estimating software allows for accurate estimates backed by easy to read material quantities, labor hours and additional job expenses which can all be reviewed prior to bidding a project and adjusted if the breakdowns on the spreadsheets don't seem achievable. This spreadsheet allows you to adjust virtually any aspect of the bid, such as rates, production rates, pay scale, overhead and percent markup. Simply change the appropriate figures and the entire bid is recalculated in seconds. This method of estimating gives you everything you need to start the job after you execute a contract.

Control Job Cost -

One of the Estimating Spreadheets included in this package is linked to a Job Costing Spreadsheet for ease of transfer of estimate breakdown so that job costing can quickly begin.

Job Cost Ledger -

This ledger is linked with the Job Cost Spreadsheet so that when labor, material or additional job costs are posted on a regular basis, they are automatically updated to the Job Cost Spreadsheet.

Material Spread Rate -

A handy spreadsheet is also included for ease of calculating how much material you actually get out of a gallon of paint after allowing for application method waste.

Overhead -

Every contractor needs to know his/her overhead percent in order to bid jobs accurately. A valuable Overhead Spreadsheet is included for just this purpose.


Includes shipping and handling within the US.