When It Raints, It Stains by Coatings Consultants, Inc.
When It Rains, It Stains

Paints and coatings are applied for two reasons; to beautify and to protect the surface to which they were applied. In this article, we’ll discuss a failure to beautify where discoloration is the nature of...

01 - When It Rains, It Stains
02 - The Importance of Assessing Adhesion
03 - A Whiter Shade of Pale
04 - Through Thick & Thin
05 - The Railings That Didn't Age Gracefully
06 - Too Much of A Good Thing Can Be Bad
07 - Water, Water Everywhere
08 - Case Dismissed!
09 - Know Your Primer
10 - Spring Training For Painting Contractors
11 - Organic Is Not Always Good
12 - Pitfalls Of Painting Stucco
13 - Close That Gap
14 - Lesson Learned
15 - When Thoughts Turn To Spring
16 - Danger From Below
17 - Here's The Rub
18 - How Much Water Is Too Much?
19 - They May be Warped, But They're Not Funny
20 - Drops From Above, But Not Heaven
21 - Peeling Ceiling
22 - One From Column A
23 - When the Paint Turns Yellow, You'll see Red
24 - Dealing with a Sticky Situation
25 - Magic in a Can!
26 - Learning Problem
27 - Make Sure It Sticks
28 - Rusting Problem
29 - Outsmarting Yourself
30 - Adhesion versus Scrubbability
31 - Sometimes You Have to Look Deep to Find the Answer
32 - Paying Attention to Detail
33 - Like a Movie Star, You Want to Avoid Defective Films
34 - Avoiding Joint Pain
35 - Here's Something to Rail About
36 - It Pays to be Prepared
37 - Sometimes it's Not Good to Shine
38 - Look Below the Surface Where Danger Lurks
39 - Schools Take Coat Off After it Showers
40 - Going Green Isn't Always Easy
41 - It's Important To Consider Moisture Before Applying Paint
42 - Sometimes It Sticks and Sometimes It Doesn't
43 - Unsticky Situation
44 - Watch That First Step, It's A Big One
Outsmartin by Coatings Consultants, Inc.
Outsmarting Yourself

This month's case history is an example of what problems
can occur when you get creative with a project's painting specifications...

Magic In A Can! bu Coatins Consultants, Inc.
Magic in a Can!

"Solve all of your water intrusion problems. Don't paint, waterproof!"...

They May Be Warped, But They;re Not Funny by Coatings Consultants, Inc.
They May Be Warped, But They're Not Funny

The garage doors on a recently completed home in south Florida were experiencing warping problems...

A Whiter Share of Pale by Coatings Consultants, inc.
A Whiter Shade of Pale

This case involves color change on the exterior of an assisted living facility that was constructed in the year 2000...

When The Paint Turns Yellow, You'll See Red by Coatings Consultants, Inc.
When The Paint Turns Yellow, You'll See Red

You rejoice because you’ve landed that dream job. You’ve got the contract to paint that new mega-mansion in your...